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warnschild-2446886_1920You could have the perfect day. You could lose everything.

You could beat the odds. You could become a statistic.

You could be given a chance to prove you’re capable of greatness.

You could save a life. You could take one, accidentally or otherwise.

You could be shown kindness for no reason.

You could be persecuted for the same.

You could be the answer to somebody’s prayers.

You could be this close to losing your grip on reality.

You could break your ankle carrying the fruit salad to the dining room. (We’re thinking of you, Aunt Amy.)

Heck, the Bills could even win a Super Bowl.

In our world, anything can happen to anybody on any day. Though most things don’t happen to most people. Not that we don’t fret over such things. Which is something to take inventory of. Your thoughts. How often are you anticipating love and generosity to enter your life? How often do your thoughts turn fearful and loathsome?

It’s been said to be careful what you think about. Jesus cautioned his followers to do the same. He believed thinking something wasn’t much different than doing that thing.

What do you believe about the thoughts you think?

Are they the building blocks of the world you want to live in?

After you answer that, how do you respond when things don’t go as planned? (Our experiences are usually measured against our thoughts about those experiences before they take place.)

You can be frightened or you can be freed by the knowledge that anything can happen. You can expect anything and stand firm when anything happens. Even if that anything wasn’t what you expected.

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