Lightning & Air Travel


Our flight is now delayed by close to two hours. They’re routing us around a weather system which is adding another 40 minutes to our flight time. As a result my son and I witness a lighting storm from a heavier-than-air compartment hurtling through the sky. We just had some heat lighting in the cabin, too. […]

When I get there


I’ll get there when I get there. For now I’ll be right here. Today has some day to spare. But not for long. No need to remind me. I can do it in my sleep. I’m that good. You’re no slouch either. You spend time like you’ve got a time tree next to your gazebo. […]

I’ll be here

Off Duty Pilot

I’m sitting in an airport. My flight home boards in about 40 minutes. It’s Chicago O’Hare. This is a busy airport. People walking to their gates. People walking to get food. People talking on their phones. People looking at their phones while they walk. People wheeling luggage behind them. Families stopped in the middle of […]

Meany Sam

Meany Sam

My two children are perennially conjuring all types of ridiculousness. They create characters, give them names and have them engage in several varieties of tomfoolery. It’s one of my favorite things about them. For example, I recently made the acquaintance of Suzy Kee, her brother Natole (pronounced Nah-tol-eh), their sister Gwots and the littlest brother, Tudrow. […]



I burned my finger on the grill. 650℉.  This blister is quite the accessory. The following morning I encouraged my back to freak out while moving a “portable” basketball net by myself. At least my children were there to witness it while they waited for the bus. (“Daddy’s fine. Have a great day.”) Then, while […]

A viper in a vacuum


When your body has been under extreme pressure you need a time of decompression. Divers know this. The longer they’re down there, the more important it becomes. They must pay close attention to their ascent. Decompress too rapidly and bad things, man. Inert gases that have been dissolved under high pressure turn into bubbles that […]

Life is like whiskey


I’ll say life is like whiskey. Which is a beautiful creation if kept in good graces. And a fare weather friend when we choose not to. Which reminds me of the consequences of our choices, intended or otherwise. Some good. Some regrettable. Some bring no choice at all, when we are chosen to be subject […]

A Eulogy for Greed

(Please join me in welcoming our guest author, TJ Muraca…) Today we gather to bury Greed. Many of you were probably very close with Greed so this day may weigh heavy on your heart. That being said, it is unknown how many of you may be here because you miss him dearly and how many […]

Thunder at the doorstep


There is thunder at the doorstep. You can smell it in the air. The oil the earth releases before it rains. It’s unmistakable. Like magic. It’s a warning. It’s an alarm. But we aren’t alarmed by how alarmed we all are. While everyone is armed. Charmed, I’m sure. And that’s what’s so alarming about it […]