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When I was in high school I worried about my shoulder blades. I felt they stuck out. Many years later I realized that I had stopped caring about my shoulder blades. They must have stopped sticking out. Or I just changed the way I looked at them. Who cares. The point is I cared deeply to the point of distress. And then one day I didn’t and never did again.

This has repeated itself throughout my short life. Lots of emphasis on something that isn’t they way I want it to be. Then one day I realize the “problem” is gone and I’ve long moved on.

How much of what you care about today will be forgotten by tomorrow?

Choosing what to give our energy to takes practice.

Realizing we get to choose is the first lesson.

Recognizing when it’s time to choose is the second.

I’ll let you know the third when I’ve learned it.


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