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forking-road-839830_1920If I knew better I would do things differently.

We all would.

But I don’t. Know better, that is.

I only know what I know so I do what I do. Most of the time with good intentions.

But that’s not totally true.

Sometimes I know and I ignore what I know in favor of a feeling.

But mostly I’m living within knowledge and perspective that I’ve already attained. This is where my decisions come from. This is what I consult when I’m not sure what to do.

“Knowing what I know right now, what should I do?”

The answer to that question changes as I gather more experiences.

It’s tempting in the moment to fixate on making the perfect decision. But you can’t. You can only make the decision that seems most perfect given the day. Then you have to trust your experience and step forward. Even if you have reason to doubt yourself. (And there’s always a reason…) You still make a decision. You still step forward.

Will you learn something afterward that would have aided you in your decision making?


But what are you supposed to do, wait until then to decide?

By then you’ll be on to another decision you don’t feel equipped to make.


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