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abstract-19175_1920Ever consider how you see everyone from the outside but see yourself from the inside?

It’s rather strange.

All of us are having the same type of experience. We are “here” while everyone else is some degree of separation from “here.” We intersect in certain moments but the only road that seems without end is our own. I wonder sometimes where it is that the rest of you are all going to. And what that might be like. To make your choices. To live your circumstances. To live a life completely not the life I’m living. Not that I dislike mine or prefer someone else’s. I’m stricken by the idea that there are others who are living the same 24 hour day, day after day, but enjoying an entirely different plot. It makes me feel less special. Which I think is a good thing. Sometimes we can feel too special and suffer for it. I like being reminded that I’m not the only person on their way to work. I’m not the only one learning how to live as a family. I’m not the only passenger on this ship that’s trying to fill their post.

Throw in there that I’m not the first nor will I be the last.

There’s a whole world playing out in front of me. And you. And we’re in good company when we remember that this is happening all at once. So maybe it’s okay if we leave some room for each other and what might be occurring outside our own heads. If we can mute the inner dialogue long enough, that is.

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