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Maine curtainOn rainy days in Maine you find things to do.

Like contemplate your existence. Or go to an outlet mall. One usually leads to the other.

Or sit in your room and enjoy the great diffused light this rain brought.


You could go to the rocks and watch the waves crash. Butbecareful they’re slick.

The library opens back up at 2pm.

Or there’s that antique place. Buthat’sabitofa walk.

We get one of these days almost every time we’re here. Kind of reminds me of riding in the way back of my mom’s 1984 Chevrolet Caprice wagon. It had crossy-curvy spokes and a wood panel stripe. I threw up in it at least once. One time my mom smuggled me into Crystal Beach in that covered compartment in the tailgate floor. She stacked the cooler on top for effect. I credit her for my wild side.

It’s supposed to clear up tomorrow. Still cool though. No matter.

On rainy days in Maine you find things to do.

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