Are you surprised?


By allegations of sexual harassment. By corruption in our highest offices. By racist factions come to the fore. By the opioid crisis. By the widening gap between rich and poor. By the exploitation of women and children. By the avarice of those whose silos are overflowing. By men who are unable to show how they […]

Somebody else’s problem


Sometimes we get upset about silly stuff. But it doesn’t seem silly to us at the time. Which is why we’re so upset. Something’s wrong. But sometimes it doesn’t translate. Which is why others don’t seem to care as much. Which is why they’re not upset. Which can be upsetting, when others don’t see what […]



Ever consider how you see everyone from the outside but see yourself from the inside? It’s rather strange. All of us are having the same type of experience. We are “here” while everyone else is some degree of separation from “here.” We intersect in certain moments but the only road that seems without end is […]

Anything can happen


You could have the perfect day. You could lose everything. You could beat the odds. You could become a statistic. You could be given a chance to prove you’re capable of greatness. You could save a life. You could take one, accidentally or otherwise. You could be shown kindness for no reason. You could be […]

I will be enough


Second guessing yourself is messed up. That’s what you’re doing when you worry you won’t measure up. That action you took. Those words you said. Those hopes you have. You interrogate them. You don’t trust yourself. So you question your efforts. And in doing so, forfeit any joy from your initiative. Nothing is ever good […]

I’ve been told


I’ve been told I’m a good listener. I’ve been told I never listen. I’ve been told I’m wise. I’ve been told I’m a jerk. I’ve been told I’m too thin. (I’ve never been told the opposite.) I’ve been told I’m generous. I’ve been told I’m selfish. I’ve been told I’m creative. I’ve been told I’m […]

Difficult things


William is our most agreeable child. It’s rare for him to push back. It usually shows up as an “I don’t want to.” This morning it was an “I’m not going to!” He delivered it with tears and eyesight dragging across the thin oak planks of the upstairs hallway. William didn’t want to go to school […]

You have to stop


You have to stop doubting yourself. Because you are more than good enough. You have past beauty to point to. Not just the indictments, which you see but most everyone else overlooks. You have to stop talking trash to yourself. Because that’s a lie and you’re better than it. There’s no reason to speak an […]

That time


That time you showed me kindness. That time you shouldered my burden. That time you looked out for me and I didn’t even know. That time you did me a favor and I forgot to say, “Thank you.” That time I misspoke but you chose not to correct me. That time you were brave enough […]