Water Ski Eye

I spent my share of time in the emergency room growing up. Respiratory illness. Ice skating accident. Twice. Finger in bicycle spokes. Concussion from a kick to the head while blocking for Andy DePlato during a neighborhood football game. Internal bleeding in my right eye after after absorbing a baseball with my face during warmups. These […]

The last run


This week’s post comes to us courtesy of Baxter Swenson.  Thanks, Baxter. ~~~ You’re gonna have a lot of lasts in your life.  The last day of school, the last dance at a party, the last run of the season. They say you should not take your last run.  That’s when injuries happen you know? […]

If I knew better


If I knew better I would do things differently. We all would. But I don’t. Know better, that is. I only know what I know so I do what I do. Most of the time with good intentions. But that’s not totally true. Sometimes I know and I ignore what I know in favor of […]



Some are possessed by their possessions. They desire objects and opportunities. The drive to attain things and status influences the way they think and behave. I know what this feels like. I’ve been possessed in this way. Collect the symbols. Show yourself and others that you’re worthy, that you know how to play the game. […]

That first step


Getting married isn’t the same as being married. Creating a child isn’t parenting. A successful project isn’t an enduring venture. Helping someone out isn’t a friendship. A good choice today isn’t certainty of future. What you wish for yourself often requires much more of yourself than you thought. When emotions are high our expectations don’t seem so […]


Ogungquit Sky

It requires no effort or intention to disregard how charmed my life is. I gnaw on nonsense daily that poisons my spirit and pollutes my joy. Forgetting the whole time that I’m no true friend of hardship. Any hardship I experience is usually self-manufactured. I’m living a safe life surrounded by loving family and friends. […]

Something about waves


There’s something about waves arriving at the shore. One by one they take their turn. They come. They leave. Waves are temporary. If you miss one you won’t have to wait long. They never stop. Waves are permanent. Many joys have risen and set. The waves wouldn’t know the difference. Waves don’t keep score. They […]

On rainy days in Maine

Maine curtain

On rainy days in Maine you find things to do. Like contemplate your existence. Or go to an outlet mall. One usually leads to the other. Or sit in your room and enjoy the great diffused light this rain brought. Whatevs. You could go to the rocks and watch the waves crash. Butbecareful they’re slick. […]

Swimming in the deep end


The first time I told Meredith I loved her was at the Mighty Taco on Grant Street in the city of Buffalo. That Mighty Taco is closed now. We’re married with children. In 13 years of marriage you learn many things. Some things you forget. Like whether you ordered food at that Mighty Taco or […]