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StairwellGetting married isn’t the same as being married.

Creating a child isn’t parenting.

A successful project isn’t an enduring venture.

Helping someone out isn’t a friendship.

A good choice today isn’t certainty of future.

What you wish for yourself often requires much more of yourself than you thought. When emotions are high our expectations don’t seem so lofty. It doesn’t take long before the shine steps aside. Then the work of living it begins. How quickly we learn what we signed up for. It’s probably for the best. If we had the list of sacrifices to be made up front we may never take the first step.

Whatever you find yourself up to, it’s going to be beautiful. Sometimes. The rest of the time it looks like doubt and boredom and busy work and mistakes and flashes of fear. Some days its so easy. Some days you make it look like it’s easy for social media.

You took the first step. Even if you didn’t fully understand. Even if you can’t remember why you did. You took that step and by doing so set things in motion. In that moment you believed in yourself. You believed in your action. Remember that today. Remember it every time you wonder what you’re going to do now. Then ask what action can you take right now in remembrance and in service of that first step.

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