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BuickParkAvenueI’ll get there when I get there.

For now

I’ll be right here.

Today has some day to spare.

But not for long.

No need to remind me.

I can do it in my sleep.

I’m that good.

You’re no slouch either.

You spend time like you’ve got a time tree next to your gazebo.

Where do you keep all those extra minutes?

Underneath your bed

In a cardboard container that used to hold a pair of sensible pumps?

I used to love hiding underneath my bed.

One time my mom thought I was missing.

That was a long time ago, though.

When I had more time and was

Less aware of this fact.

Back then I thought I’d become a dentist.

I remember telling my grandparent’s

From the back seat of their Buick Park Avenue.

I never became a dentist.

I don’t floss often enough.

Still the time passes.

The destination remains.

I have no doubt I’ll get there.

For now

I’ll be right here.






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