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When you’re thirsty there’s nothing like water.

When you’re tired there’s nothing like a bed.

When you’re cutting the grass there’s nothing like a beer.

When you’re looking for relief there’s nothing like finding it.

When you’re able to find it that is.

Some days it seems nonexistent.

Some days it’s right within reach.

Only to recede once more from our shores.

Then there are days that seem like the best day you’ve ever had.

You can’t make a bad decision on those days.

Jumble this all together and you’ve got an average week.

The only difference seems to be the day the events occur.

And whether we think they’re for us or against.

As if our circumstances actually take sides.

Or we could choose to think all things are for us.

We might believe everything has something to give.

Or maybe give in and just be glad we’re alive.

Whatever it takes to have a little peace on the inside.

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