The blank page

Every time I write I approach a blank page. Sometimes I have an idea. But the page always starts blank. My job is to put an image on that page. Something for someone to see. But first I need to be able to see it. Otherwise how could I describe it to you. How could […]

Your power

I’m having fun watching you get your power. You’ve always had a fire. But you’re starting to glow in a different way. There’s a piece of it that’s wild. It shows up unannounced. Just sits right down. It’s bold and it wants to run the show. And it’s starting to believe that it can. So […]

Fancy liverwurst

Growing up there was a field next door. It was originally owned by my grandparents, my father’s parents. Like our lot had been before they sold it to my parents to build on. They lived in a house on the lot next to ours that they built in the 40s. My dad grew up there […]

Pennsylvania Peepers & other things we experienced while weekending northwest of Philadelphia

What a weekend. Scoot out of town to rendezvous with your wife’s brother’s family at their cousin’s family’s homestead about an hour northwest of the city of liberty, brotherly love, the stairs that Rocky Balboa climbed, and the cheesesteak that he would have eaten had he indeed been a person. (Though his presence is felt in […]

How’d that get in my shoe?

I only took my shoes off for a brief moment. When I put them back on there was something lodged in the right one toward the toe. I felt it when I slipped ’em back on. So strange. I don’t know how it could have gotten there but there it was. So I slipped it […]

The sun rises. The sun sets.

The sun rises. The sun sets. Both are beautiful but for different reasons. In the morning the sun is the wind at your back. In the evening it’s always just around the corner. A sunrise kind of just happens. But so does a sunset. And it all depends on where you’re standing. For both how […]

Quality time

When children don costumes, climb on a stage, and compete for your affection, you have yourself an elementary school talent show. Last Friday was my first. I never performed in one when I was a student. There was this play festival in high school. I played Greg Brady. It’s not the same though. Too old. […]

You’re no fun

My first job, other than the paper route, was as a stock boy at a national office supply store chain. I still have the name badge. And the box cutter. And a bunch of stories. Adeline drew one out of me tonight when she asked me how come I don’t do pranks on April Fools. […]


Would you rather be a king or a knight? Or a queen or a mermaid perhaps? Kings and queens do sit in castles. They’re not known for wanting much. They drink red wine and can afford a spill. Their shines are shinier and their laughter’s a fever. But mermaids and knights are otherwise engaged. They […]