You have a Message

(This address was given to a small-ish group of kindred spirits gathered in the Power House at the Roycroft Campus in East Aurora on the evening of May 11, 2023 for the inaugural meeting of The Messengers.) You might be wondering, “What’s this all about, Erik?”  “Please tell us you didn’t bring us here to […]

Rest in me

Rest in me You don’t have to be anything Sit with me I wish that you could see what I see   But there’s so much for me to be It’s so hard to just believe Your love could be that easy   It’s okay you don’t have to say the right words to me […]

2020 20/20

If you could stand at a distance of 20 feet from 2020, what would you see? What kind of depth and sense of dimension would there be? Would you be squinting to make out the detail? Would it be in vivid color, distorted, or even perhaps washed out? Would anything be encroaching from your left […]

Learning how to sing

Adeline’s excited to get up on stage. She’s having a hard time getting to sleep. It’s her first chorus concert tomorrow. I often catch her around the house humming or singing to herself. She has this high pitched singing voice. It’s pretty. So I figured she’s excited to get on stage because she’s excited to […]

The “good side” of the tree

It’s 11:something pm. I’m sitting in the corner of the living room where there normally isn’t a chair. The Christmas tree now occupies the corner of the room where this chair usually resides. So here I sit in the seasonal sitting corner giving the tree a hard stare from about 10 ft away. It’s one […]

Leaf blowing in the wind

Sometimes you have to get those leaves to the curb. Because the last leaf pickup of the season is imminent. And sometimes it’s windy when that happens. So you have to do your best. Even though the conditions are seeming to conspire against you. But if you pay attention you might be able to make […]

When you really have to pee…

When you really have to pee… When that exam/presentation/appointment is just around the corner… When the headache is at its peak… When you’re so thirsty or hungry… When that bill you can’t pay is due… When the traffic is gridlocked… When that hard conversation is about to kick off… When anything looms and you’re not […]

Reasons I write

There are things that I don’t understand. I like to “talk things out.” Because I said I would. On occasion, to get paid. To look back down the road and remember. So my ancestors can know me in a way. I’ve been told it matters to people. I mostly enjoy it. I seem to be […]