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Some things are true and obvious. Others, equally true yet shrouded.

Who decides which gets to be which? I have zero idea.

I just know that’s how it works. Let’s think about this, though.

That truth that’s harder to decipher, it’s there, isn’t it? Right in front of us.

Like an antique printer’s plate, with the entire message in your hands, but backwards.

Strain to make it out. Letter by letter. The words you identify forwards with ease become Egyptian glyphs, don’t they Ryan McCrohan?

Skip your comprehension off them like a ricochet.

Until backwards becomes forwards. See the letters as they are, the words they form. Follow the sentences they build. Know the meaning they reveal.

It was there all along, you just needed to learn how to read it. You had to put the work in. You had to get it wrong on your way to getting it.

This is your Message, that Truth you know. It wants to live through you. It wants to take its shape. You could be the one who directs this lightning into the hearts of the willing. A new goodness could be brought forth by you.

If you’ll struggle to make it out, it will patiently let you.

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