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We all have them, stories. Mountainous tales about mighty moments that shape who we believe we are. The kind that transform us and there’s no mistaking the impact. These stories can also be sneaky, emerging from almost invisible encounters that pass through us like muted lightning. Very real, but very underestimated. They happen and we move on. Except a piece of us remains frozen in the past.

These stories visit us, magically recalled by a sight, sound, or familiar phrase. They remind us of who we are, and we celebrate. They remind us of who we wish we weren’t, and we grieve.

When “that story” begins to play do you ever hit the pause button?

Do you ask yourself “is that true?”

Maybe the “thing” that happened actually happened. But what about the meaning you assigned to it?

Is that true?

Is it helpful?

Does it encourage you?

Does it lead you to greater truth?

Are you more of who you are here to be as a result of believing it?

Does it favor you carrying your Message, the truth that you uniquely know and that this world is desperate to hear?

If not, consider leaving it on pause while you do business with it.

Maybe share it with a friend. Or a professional.

There’s likely additional truth inside and around that story than you’re realizing.

(This missive is inspired by the 7th gathering of The Messengers in the Salon of the Roycroft Inn on Thursday, February 29th.)

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