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blaze-2178749_1280It occurred to me the other day that I’ve always been home for Christmas. And pretty much all the major holidays and happenings in my life. Except the ones that needed to happen elsewhere. But even then I’ve been with the right people so it’s the same as being home in my estimation. (There was only one time, while traveling after college graduation, that I was truly by myself, in a strange land. It was only for about 24 hours. It’s a feeling I don’t wish to repeat though I can see how you could get used to it.)

What about those of us who find themselves at a distance?

From their family. From their friends. From themselves.

Any achievement that has somehow attached itself to my name is certainly a result of having a support network. Which not everyone has. So let’s remember that as we celebrate each other with private and public displays of belonging.

May we always feel like we’re home.

May we bring “home” to those who’ve been on the road a bit too long.

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