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peacock-3063456_1280What’s your opinion of yourself?

Does it look out for your best interests?

Could it be doing a better job?

Today I’m reminded of how our opinion of our own selves matters. How it shapes the way we think about what “people like us” do. Which shapes the way we approach the world, mostly others, and mostly how we treat them. Which begs a response that sometimes we don’t like. Because we don’t see what we’re doing as offensive. But people get offended sometimes. By us. But, we’re usually the good guys, right? How could they be upset at us? Don’t they know how well intentioned we are? That has got to count for something and so on forever.

Ever wonder if we’re doing it to ourselves?

Of course you have. That’s why we get along, you and I. So you must have considered that an unhealthy opinion of yourself is going to color relationships in unhealthy ways. It’s either too low, diminishing our worth and lowering our disposition to match. Or, too high, choking ourselves in the thin atmosphere of arrogance. You can imagine all the versions betwixt. These things must have effects on our relationships none of which can be positive without also coming at great cost.

So, as a means to see as our neighbor sees, may I suggest we do business with the way we view ourselves.

For those who are curious, I would like to be the kind of person that “walks tall.” Not just because it makes me sound like a cowboy. I like what it suggests.

Great posture.

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