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When we leave little room for love we should expect very little peace.

When we clear the path for fear. When we give judgement a wide birth. When we critique and defend and insulate.

Then we long for a world that’s not determined by hatred. Then we need to shift our gaze from the other to ourselves.

We might begin by loving who we are. And by loving who we aren’t. And by being okay with that and others who aren’t who we are either. Instead of the violence that saturates our discourse and daily lives.

But this is no new notion as you know. We just can’t seem to get out of our own way. No matter how much history we have to inform us. We keep paying the price for lessons we refuse to learn, a cycle we seem compelled to repeat.

All because we’re afraid that we might not be enough, have enough, or do enough.

Or we could leave more room for love.

We could be enough. We could have just what we need. And we could do it all without proving anything.

Because love leaves enough room for us all.


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