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secret-2725302_1920What do you say when you have nothing to say?

I’ve found that saying nothing is usually best. Though I usually don’t take my own advice. Those who know me well know I always have something to say. Usually it’s something that doesn’t need to be said. So, I’ve been working on keeping the inner dialogue on the inside. Rather than sharing every observation I have or clever comment about whatever it is that you’re telling me. It’s working out. I find I’m interrupting people less often. I’m hearing more of what they’re trying to convey. I’m having my questions answered without having to ask because I’m giving people the chance to get there. Conversation is less exhausting as a result. I spend less energy trying to be seen and heard. It even applies to my parenting. I choose more carefully which indiscretions to address and which to just let go.

I suppose I don’t feel the urge I once felt to prove how smart or funny or aware or connected or caring or whatever I think I am. Well, at least not as strongly. It’s refreshing. I’m also learning to see the value in making room for the influence of others. I only know what I know. If I never shut up that’s the only way it will ever be.

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