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I’ve got a scar on my right index finger. From when I collided with Brian Voelker turning the corner of the church on my bike. My finger when into his spokes. It still curves away a bit. You can best tell when I line it up with the same finger on the other hand. My older brother Paul had whacked Brian in the eye with a 2 wood practicing his swing a couple years earlier. I think I got off easy.

I’ve got a scar on my scalp from when a hammer fell on me from a tree fort in progress. My brother and our cousin were piecing it together and the hammer fell off the edge of the plywood. I was standing below. Do the quick math and you can see me running from my grandmother’s backyard (where the tree fort was) next door to my house. I put on quite the performance.

I’ve got a scar on the finger right next to my right index finger. That came about when I closed a folding knife on my knuckle in the backseat of my mom’s caprice wagon. We were on our way home from purchasing the knife. Mom wasn’t a fan of that.

I’ve got two scars on my chin. Both are from falling while ice skating. The first time at an open skate at Sabreland with my dad watching from the stands. The second on a frozen field in Bergholz, NY where I grew up. It was the night of my dad’s company Christmas party. My mom took me to the emergency room instead. What upset her most I think was that I wasn’t wearing the helmet she had given me as an early Christmas present. She wasn’t a fan of that either.

I’ve got a scar on the edge of my left eye. It’s from an encounter with a water ski. They can break your face if you’re not careful. Last Labor Day wasn’t one of my more careful days. But modern medicine knows what to do when you shatter bones in your face. If only that was always the case.

I kicked a stone wall today. I’m not sure if my left pinkie is broken but I’m not a fan of the way it feels when I try to move it. Not much you can do about that. I should have been watching where I was going rather than looking back at the hanging baskets I just watered.

I don’t think it’s going to leave a scar.




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