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Every week I write an entry in the Sea Log. Been doing it for years now. It’s become a ritual for me. It has inertia. I process a lot of things through these writings. I often flesh out how I feel about a thing while writing. Or I chisel it down a bit closer to its form. I try to be honest. Sometimes I pull the punch. But mostly I’m honest. (Which is a funny idea, partial honesty.)

I realize that means I deal with topics that aren’t always pleasant. Like dying. Or the cruelty we inflict on each other. But sometimes I write about my daughter throwing up gummy bears. Which balances it all I think. But I know that when you write about heavy stuff the folks that read that stuff can think that you’re feeling heavy. Which isn’t always the case. Though I do feel heavy sometimes. But that’s to be expected. Because that’s our world, heavy sometimes. I think it’s healthy to feel the weight of it at times. Just as long as we set it down now and then. So if you ever wonder if I’m doing okay, I am. Thanks for asking.


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