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mammalia-3263126_1920I think, sometimes, about the particular matters of my life that aren’t going along with the plan. The plan being the idea of how I said particular matters were going to unfold. Sometimes I feel discouraged when I think about these particular matters and wonder “What am I doing wrong, here?”

The natures of the particular matters matter not. They could be anything really so long as they’re a deviation from your plan. Every person has several of these running their course at any given moment. We all agree on this. It’s not about the existence of the unexpected. Surprise is baked into the DNA of life. It’s what we do with the unexpected that counts. I’m not saying anything new here. I just wanted to announce that I know this already but I still get frustrated when things don’t go my way. Not always. But still sometimes. Which is too often. This bothers me. I’m robbing myself of peace. I’m upsetting my own spirit. All because I’m unable to imagine a more diverse and unpredictable future in these particular matters. Which seems silly, I know. Nobody can imagine what they can’t predict. We don’t have to feel caught off guard, though. We don’t have to feel threatened. We could be open to any number of things happening. We could expect that whatever happens is for our good, not our demise. We could see adversity as our ally.

We could shower the world in platitudes like these.

It’s still up to you and me to live differently.

Always has been.

Which makes it no easier to do now it would seem.


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