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Throughout my life I have wanted to be many things.

I thought I’d be a dentist when I was growing up. Someone suggested it I think because I liked pulling my own teeth. Turns out my son has the same talent. But I didn’t become a dentist. Flossing regularly has been a challenge in itself.

I attempted to become a computer programmer, twice. The first time I flunked out. The second time I tried. But I gave up when I realized I wasn’t going to enjoy doing it everyday for the rest of my life. I wasn’t very good at it either. Nor did I wish to become good at it.

I dreamed about being in a successful band. Throughout college my friends and I gave it a shot. We didn’t get far but we had fan. We once got detained and eventually turned away at the Canadian boarder for not having working papers. Which is a joke because we almost never got paid, even when we were promised. We thought about taking our van home, transferring the gear into the trunks of 2 beat up sedans and one pickup truck bed and crossing at a different point on the boarder to make the show in time. But who would do a thing like that?

I gave stand up comedy a couple of whirls. Wanted to conquer a personal fear. I had done stand up in my mind since childhood. The first time wasn’t terrible. I got a few laughs and a compliment from another comedian. The second time was rough. I didn’t prepare as much. Made me realize how difficult it is to do something well.

Then there’s the things I’ve wanted to be and have become. A husband and father. A writer. A business owner. A friend. And more.

Those stories for another time.

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