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road-1927130_1280There’s “here” and there’s “there.”

The game, it seems, is to get “there.” If you can do it quicker than the person to your left and your right even better. If you can do it before your self-imposed expectations that’s even-even better. Which makes being “here” a drag. Because if you’re “here” then you’re not “there.” And when you’re not “there” it feels like you’re nowhere.

But what happens when you get “there?” At that point you’ll be “here.” Which doesn’t bode well given the pattern we established to get “here.” We probably won’t enjoy “there” when it becomes “here” because we won’t know how to. Which is wickedly self-defeating and ironic when you consider the intent is allegedly self-actualization.

We are forever “here.” Until we aren’t. If we can’t learn to love being “here” then we don’t have much to hope for when one day we find ourselves “there.” There must come a time when we decide to be okay with who we are and where we find ourselves. Not as a surrender to the challenge of growing into ourselves or redeeming the brokenness that surrounds us. But as the only way to actually do either.

Otherwise we’ll continue to murmur the dark chorus, “You can’t get ‘there’ from ‘here.'”

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