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splash-863458_1920You have to stop doubting yourself.

Because you are more than good enough. You have past beauty to point to. Not just the indictments, which you see but most everyone else overlooks.

You have to stop talking trash to yourself.

Because that’s a lie and you’re better than it. There’s no reason to speak an ill word. If it isn’t true, don’t say it. Which is why speaking it is so dangerous. You might start believing it. So stop.

You have to stop thinking you’re alone.

Because you’re surrounded by love. It’s your own self-pity that blinds you from it. Let others be with you. Let them even be for you. There’s no weakness in this. The weakness is in thinking you’re strong enough on your own.

You have to stop finding the flaws in others.

Because they’ve got enough to deal with. Just like you. They don’t need your criticism, silent or not. They need your support. They need to know they’re not alone. Just like you.

You have to stop living in your future.

Because today is on your doorstep. And you can’t get to tomorrow unless you pass through today. There’s a symphony of joy playing all around you. Stop sticking your fingers in your ears.

You have to stop forfeiting your choice.

Because there is always something that you can control. Even if it’s simply the way you choose to feel about things you had no choice in. But usually you have a choice. Don’t give it away and then pretend like you had none to begin with.

You have to stop wishing things were different.

Because dreams aren’t enough. But action is. Even imperfect action. Don’t think your heroes didn’t have fear. Don’t think they didn’t doubt. Realize that they found a way to believe more in their dream than in their fear. They reminded themselves of this. Then they leapt. Over and over and over.


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