I will be enough


Second guessing yourself is messed up. That’s what you’re doing when you worry you won’t measure up. That action you took. Those words you said. Those hopes you have. You interrogate them. You don’t trust yourself. So you question your efforts. And in doing so, forfeit any joy from your initiative. Nothing is ever good […]

I’ve been told


I’ve been told I’m a good listener. I’ve been told I never listen. I’ve been told I’m wise. I’ve been told I’m a jerk. I’ve been told I’m too thin. (I’ve never been told the opposite.) I’ve been told I’m generous. I’ve been told I’m selfish. I’ve been told I’m creative. I’ve been told I’m […]

Difficult things


William is our most agreeable child. It’s rare for him to push back. It usually shows up as an “I don’t want to.” This morning it was an “I’m not going to!” He delivered it with tears and eyesight dragging across the thin oak planks of the upstairs hallway. William didn’t want to go to school […]

You have to stop


You have to stop doubting yourself. Because you are more than good enough. You have past beauty to point to. Not just the indictments, which you see but most everyone else overlooks. You have to stop talking trash to yourself. Because that’s a lie and you’re better than it. There’s no reason to speak an […]

That time


That time you showed me kindness. That time you shouldered my burden. That time you looked out for me and I didn’t even know. That time you did me a favor and I forgot to say, “Thank you.” That time I misspoke but you chose not to correct me. That time you were brave enough […]

Ahead of ourselves

FullSizeRender (1)

Sometimes people are going to cut you off. It’s what happens on our bustling byways. It’s frustrating in the moment. They just cut in. Like you don’t have a say in the matter. You wonder what their hurry is. And why they couldn’t get in line like the rest of us. Here’s what I think is […]

Towels that won’t dry

  How is it that we have so many versions of towels that do everything except absorb liquid? Fancy cloth napkins. Paper towels made out of recycled paper. Decorative dish towels. Body towels in hotel rooms. There’s nothing more award winning than when you need to dry something off and the towel just pushes the […]

No way to live

Welcome to Las Vegas

I was still asleep in Colorado when the group text hit my phone. It was Uncle Craig letting us know that his son, also Craig, and his nephew Max were okay. They’re law enforcement in Las Vegas. Craig with ICE. Max with the LVMPD. They responded to the mass shooting on Sunday, October 1st. I […]

Thinking about dying


How often do you think about your own death? Everybody is going to die someday. Most likely not on the same day. But everyone will at some point die. You think about it sometimes, don’t you? I sure do. Not like it’s a hobby. Though my mind does wander and I wonder what it will […]