I’m not emptying the garbage


The young woman working the counter of this Dunkin’ Donuts is not happy. Ricky expects her night shift to do the prep, clean the store and empty the garbage along with a few other things. “You know I’m not emptying the garbage.” Her companion across the counter nods his head. He’s eating some food item. […]

Without a crest

When your eyes are heavy And you want to release yourself to rest. But you can’t, not yet. There’s something still to do. And something after that. Though it seems like it will never cease. Like a wave without a crest. Someday we’ll all wish that were true. But that won’t matter then. For it’s […]

A way to process life


There are things happening in, to and around me. Many of which I’m not too certain about. But I wish to be. Like we all do. Though, I believe the degree of uncertainty you’re comfortable with dictates much of your fulfillment in this life. Still, consistency and certainty are creature comforts not easily conceded. So I […]

Beauty & Pain


Jim took his family on an impromptu getaway to an area quite tropical. 2 adults and 4 children spanning grade school to high school. When in Rome, which is nowhere close to where they traveled, you take the family snorkeling along a reef. When you’re snorkeling along a reef you encounter all sorts of sea […]

The way we wish to be


If we could just get on with it. With the way we wish to be. Not given to our base demand. Rather risen toward our inner us. If we had the heart for heavy things. And stood to bear what brought us here. We might have moments of regret. And curse all those who lead […]

Earning it


Pick up hockey is a little different than the division B league play that I’m growing accustom to. There are no refs. No whistles. No face offs. No set line rotations. Just a seamless stream of hockey in the hour of ice time you and your ice mates purchase. It’s fast paced. Which is a […]

Can you sing a new song


Can you sing a new song. You think you’ve got the lungs. Do you favor something low. Does the bass control your flow. Do you have a higher key. Does it always have to rhyme. Can you write a tune. Do you have the chops. Will you choose to give in to yourself instead of […]

When you realize


When you drive 5 miles in 50 minutes down a main drag in a snowstorm. When your dog chews all of your favorite first floor pillows. When the heat in your office mails it in past noon, every day. When you lose a deduction on your taxes. When the awning above your favorite drive thru […]

Being home


It occurred to me the other day that I’ve always been home for Christmas. And pretty much all the major holidays and happenings in my life. Except the ones that needed to happen elsewhere. But even then I’ve been with the right people so it’s the same as being home in my estimation. (There was […]