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ice-1863886_1920How is it that we have so many versions of towels that do everything except absorb liquid?

Fancy cloth napkins.

Paper towels made out of recycled paper.

Decorative dish towels.

Body towels in hotel rooms.

There’s nothing more award winning than when you need to dry something off and the towel just pushes the water around. Refresh me. Please. What’s the purpose of a towel?

Okay, that’s what thought, too. Towels are for absorbing liquid.

How frustrating it is when a towel won’t do it’s job. That might be harsh judgement, actually. I bet these towels want to do their job. They just aren’t equipped. How sad.

As usual, this is true for more than towels. It’s not enough to look the part. You have to be able to perform.

Like when I stepped onto the ice to play organized hockey for the first time in 24 years. The last time I played I was making scratch delivering the Buffalo News on my bicycle. The Buffalo Bills were still making it to the Super Bowl. A couple things have changed since then. One of which being my stamina. I also recall being faster. And a better shot. But man did I look like a hockey player. I had all the equipment on the correct body parts. It felt like a win. Even though we were shut out. So I guess it’ll take more than style and daydreams of legendary athleticism. I’m going to have to work for it. Why didn’t I see this coming?

Whatever it takes, though. My effort on the ice needs to at least match my costume. Otherwise I’m just another towel that can’t dry a thing.

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