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I’m standing in what I believe to be the line for the tickets at the entrance of the firemen’s Labor Day fair. It’s a bit cattywampus, I’ll admit. It’s hard to tell exactly who’s in line and who’s loitering.

I’m not saying that I was rewarded because I was there. But, because I was there, I was rewarded. Well, I got the benefit of being the person standing there at that moment.

There I stood, alongside Meredith and the kids, watching other people cut in front of us and approach the windows for their tickets. I was a little upset, feeling like I was trespassed against. But realizing that’s a bad look and that I should accept the disarray that accompanies a carnival, I let it go. And that’s when it happened. Because those folks stepped in front of us, we were in the right spot when a father exiting with his family hands us 12 tickets that he didn’t want to go to waste.


Was this a firemen’s Labor Day fair miracle? I’m not here to say. But had I gotten what I wanted, we wouldn’t have had those extra tickets. Who knows then if Meredith would have ended up sitting across from me on the spinning and gyrating sensation, Wipeout. I guess when she’s having an uncomfortable amount of fun she laughs uncontrollably until she cries. You should’ve seen the tears streaming off her cheeks under the centrifugal force generated by the ride. I think she really enjoyed herself. Though she volunteered me to go on it a second time with William while she and Adeline went and played the ring toss.


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