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Most people just want to be left to do their thing. Which is what most people are doing, I think. Their thing. They aren’t thinking about how their thing effects your thing, usually. There are some nefarious instances but the average person isn’t out to get you. They are simply exercising their free will. Just like you and I.

We seem to be driven to act out our internal impulses and ideas. We don’t even have to try. We just do it. We want to have our way, to shape our world to support our vision for ourselves. It’s about freedom. Freedom to choose. Not just the country that you live in and all that comes with that. It includes the innumerable choices that we as individuals make daily. The choices of how we will spend our time. Who and what we will commit ourselves to. Because that’s where the real matters lie, in our commitments. We make them so naturally that we don’t appreciate what we are exchanging sometimes. Choosing one thing often requires forfeiting another. And it is an exchange. Often, personal peace is the price. But it doesn’t have to be.

This is what I’m working on. Being grateful for my choices, not just in the moment that I make them, and not just certain ones. If an unencumbered spirit is achievable then certainly it requires one to stand by themselves and their own choices. Which should lead you to make even better choices.

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