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It was the album that we fell in love to.

And 20 years later they were playing the entire thing. 3 cities only. So we decided we’d see them in NYC. Which is a great city to hang out in for less than 48 hours. Any more for me and I’m ready to hide from people. And I’m an extrovert. I just prefer a different tree to person ratio.

They played at the Bowery and they were extraordinary. We never saw them the first time around because they had broken up. Which is something Meredith and I did a couple times in our courtship. But we worked it out. And so did they because they had been back together again for a bit, playing your random show here and there. So there was no way we were going to miss.

And you have to buy the tour poster to display in your home as a symbol of your love. Which means you have to get it framed. Which we did. It looks beautiful in our dining room. But that’s not where it met it’s almost demise. That occurred around the corner in the hallway when it was resting on the top of small table we were “trying out.” We thought it would be nice to have a place to put your keys and maybe a small scented candle near the front door. Why not tuck it up against the hallway and put that love poster above it on the wall. But before you hang the photo, you have to make sure you’re committed to this small table. Which we weren’t yet. So we rested the thoughtfully framed symbol on the table, leaning against the wall. Which was a bad setup for when William walked into it in the dark. In his defense, there usually isn’t a table there. The poster managed to fall behind the table. Thankfully the hardwood floor prevented it from tumbling down the rabbit hole. But the frame splintered upon impact leaving a wound about 75% the size of my right pinky finger. That’s both length and height.

My first response wasn’t joy. But I managed to keep that inside me this time. A few days passed and I had been pondering what to do about the frame. It wasn’t going to be cheap to replace it. And it really didn’t lose it’s ability to frame this poster. So I grabbed some wood glue and went to town. When I got back from town I fixed the frame. Well, I put the pinky-like chunk back on and decided to change the way I look at that damaged frame. Instead of it being “damage done” to a symbol of the bond Meredith and I are building, it’s now a reminder of how we do things in this family. We put people over possessions. We forgive each other. We look for good in every situation. And sometimes we get it right.

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