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IMG_1052The young woman working the counter of this Dunkin’ Donuts is not happy. Ricky expects her night shift to do the prep, clean the store and empty the garbage along with a few other things.

“You know I’m not emptying the garbage.”

Her companion across the counter nods his head. He’s eating some food item. She walks away to tend to a customer. He gets up and walks out.

I’m drinking a medium coffee that comes in a styrofoam cup. I can’t believe they’re still legal to manufacture. There’s a recycling symbol on the bottom of this one. It has a 6 in it. Which means it’s styrofoam. Which also means most recycling programs won’t accept it due to it’s well known resistance to the recycling process. It won’t stop me from throwing it away though. I’ll hesitate. But I’ll chuck it. Even though it bears the 6 in the recycling symbol. Perhaps it’s required by law. I think it’s odd that it looks like it’s recyclable when, really, it isn’t. Maybe it’s supposed to make us feel better about it being styrofoam. I’m definitely overthinking this.

Back to our friend who won’t be emptying the garbage this evening. Maybe she meant that she personally wasn’t going to do garbage duty. Maybe she’ll delegate that to a subordinate. Or maybe she’s bluffing to impress her now absent gentleman companion.

Ricky will find out in the morning.

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