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I saw you walk in. It was after midnight. You were with a friend who was into one of the guys that lived at this house in the village. (He was a friend of mine from the music scene. We both played in bands. Separate bands. He was a drummer.) I got out of my truck and walked in a bit behind. I caught up to you eventually in the kitchen. I don’t remember what I said. But I remember what I saw. Your eyes. And your smile. For some reason you stood there and talked with me. If you don’t do that this whole thing never happens.

The kids.

The friends.

The relatives.

The business.


Not even Wrigley.

But you did. I made sure to ask for your email address when I walked you to your car. (Hey, it was Y2K. Which is why you showed up after midnight. Your mom wouldn’t let you leave the house in case the world ended.) You gave it to me. I didn’t even have to ask twice. You must be into nerds disguised as guitar players.

That’s how it started. (If you don’t count the brief brush up at that Mighty Taco. The same Mighty Taco where I’d later profess my love for you. Weird? Or fate? I say both. Weird fate is the best kind.)

It wasn’t premeditated. You were just there, at the party. And this time you weren’t on a date. (Which was the brush up at the Mighty Taco. You were on a date with a different nerd disguised as a guitarist. I was hanging out with your friends after a show.) I had no plan. Other than to get you to hang out with me again. (Our first date, which, going into it, you weren’t even sure was a date. You kept putting your fork over your mouth as you chewed your souvlaki salad. Forks don’t do a great job of obstructing a view though.)

So there was no plan. Then 20 years passes. And I realize how you have been the defining figure in my life since. You must have figured it out by now. Because it’s too orchestrated to think it happens by accident. The way that you stand by me. The way you stand for me. The way you stand against me when I need to be challenged. How you dare to believe that there is more to me than what I’m able to see. How you love me for who I could be, not just who I am. It’s been and continues to be the difference and I just wanted to let you know…

I’m really glad you came to that party.


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