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Would you rather be a king or a knight?

Or a queen or a mermaid perhaps?

Kings and queens do sit in castles. They’re not known for wanting much. They drink red wine and can afford a spill. Their shines are shinier and their laughter’s a fever. But mermaids and knights are otherwise engaged. They go where they please and their hearts aren’t at odds. Their kingdom is infinite and increases. They know no difference between warmth and shade and neither cares for either. Therefore kings and queens don’t know what to do with the fancies of mermaids and knights. How they care so little about the cares of royalty, those who’ve long forgotten the days before kingdom and queendom. When they too dreamed of knighthood and the deep deep deep. Before castles and coins and courts. Before mermaids and knights secretly wondered about wandering about castles with coins and the courts that attend them. Back when all were eye to eye. But some changed. And some should. And the rest is presently imperfect.

So make your choices to be kings or to be queens or to be mermaids or knights or even to be other things. Just as long as you realize there’s a choice to be made. And that you’re choosing it daily. And that it matters.

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