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Adeline’s excited to get up on stage. She’s having a hard time getting to sleep. It’s her first chorus concert tomorrow. I often catch her around the house humming or singing to herself. She has this high pitched singing voice. It’s pretty. So I figured she’s excited to get on stage because she’s excited to sing. But I was incorrect. She does enjoy singing. But she’s really looking forward to performing. She likes to entertain, that one.

(William, he took a different approach to chorus concerts. His was more about looking like he’d rather be anywhere else. His mouth moved some. And you could tell he was really singing. But barely. He has since chosen not to pursue chorus as an elective in middle school.)

Turns out Adeline doesn’t think the songs they’re singing are all that good. She didn’t say much more. I didn’t ask. I did tell her that someday she’ll be able to pick the songs that she sings. For now, just focus on learning how to sing.

Then I thought how that’s pretty good advice for all of us.

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