Christmas trees and auditorium seating

There’s a home for every Christmas tree. That’s what I’ve come to realize. Even the ones you would never hoist home on your station wagon. There’s someone out there that thinks that tree is the perfect tree for their family Christmas. Just like that seat in the auditorium that you’d never sit in. Someone will […]

How we do things in this family

It was the album that we fell in love to. And 20 years later they were playing the entire thing. 3 cities only. So we decided we’d see them in NYC. Which is a great city to hang out in for less than 48 hours. Any more for me and I’m ready to hide from […]

Before us/after us

My family is the third to live in the house we call home. August will mark 6 years. In this short span we’ve experienced much. Most of this much is ordinary and to be expected. The same things those that lived here before likely did. Brush your teeth. Annoy your sister. Let the dog out. […]

I am/am not my work

I am not my work. My work is just something that originates with me and is delivered to you. So you can form your opinions on my work but I will not let your opinions of my work define me. Though it’s tempting. When you find fault in my work I wonder if the flaw […]

Picking a lane

When it comes to selecting the right line to stand in I’m the wrong guy. I always pick the slowest one. In traffic. In the grocery store. Even at the self check-out. I’ll manage to trigger some booby trap which requires the attendant to come over and slap buttons. International bridge crossings are no exception. […]

The blank page

Every time I write I approach a blank page. Sometimes I have an idea. But the page always starts blank. My job is to put an image on that page. Something for someone to see. But first I need to be able to see it. Otherwise how could I describe it to you. How could […]

Your power

I’m having fun watching you get your power. You’ve always had a fire. But you’re starting to glow in a different way. There’s a piece of it that’s wild. It shows up unannounced. Just sits right down. It’s bold and it wants to run the show. And it’s starting to believe that it can. So […]

Fancy liverwurst

Growing up there was a field next door. It was originally owned by my grandparents, my father’s parents. Like our lot had been before they sold it to my parents to build on. They lived in a house on the lot next to ours that they built in the 40s. My dad grew up there […]

Pennsylvania Peepers & other things we experienced while weekending northwest of Philadelphia

What a weekend. Scoot out of town to rendezvous with your wife’s brother’s family at their cousin’s family’s homestead about an hour northwest of the city of liberty, brotherly love, the stairs that Rocky Balboa climbed, and the cheesesteak that he would have eaten had he indeed been a person. (Though his presence is felt in […]