Thanks for asking

Every week I write an entry in the Sea Log. Been doing it for years now. It’s become a ritual for me. It has inertia. I process a lot of things through these writings. I often flesh out how I feel about a thing while writing. Or I chisel it down a bit closer to […]

Hardwired for hope

No matter how bad the day. No matter how hard the times. There exists an idea that it could somehow be okay. That everything that’s wrong could actually be made right. We don’t feel it in all moments. But it’s there. The hope. And along with that exists the fear. That this is as good […]

We could do a number of things

I can’t imagine what it’s like to shoot a gun at another person. I can understand why sometimes it happens. Not saying that’s good. Just saying that I understand why it happens. I think there has to be different ways to experience that. A variety of circumstances under which one finds themselves sending a message that can’t […]

Hotdogs and gummy bears

It’s 11:30 pm and I’m woken up. I haven’t been asleep that long. I’m in the cabin. It’s Adeline. She’s throwing up. On me. And both blankets. And the futon mattress. And herself. It’s a real round robin. I pop up without hesitation. (Reflexes work even when you’re asleep.) Meredith leaps from the couch beside us and swats […]

Becoming in 3 Acts

Stained Spiral

Act 1, take it apart. Break it down to its elements. Act 2, analyze it. Inspect each one and purify. Act 3, build it again. This time stronger. Thus the alchemy of becoming who you are. One that never truly ceases. Not even when you do.

The armor of love


Have you seen the movie Crash? It’s powerful. Several seemingly unrelated story lines meander throughout the film, ultimately intersecting at various points later on. One of these intersections occurs between an immigrant shopkeeper, at his wit’s end, and a locksmith, trying to make ends meet for his family. The shopkeeper approaches the locksmith on the […]

Burying yourself alive

You’ve been given a gift. A spirit to explore. A mind to entertain a world where you shape it in some way that, once touched, can never return to its former, lesser state. Whatever that gift is, it’s uniquely yours. It whispers and nudges and proposes and fantasizes. Others may have this same gift. But […]

Tea party peace offering


Adeline can be a handful. So sometimes you have to be firm. A few nights ago at dinner was one of those times. It got awkward. For Adeline. She handled it well. Eventually. After I returned from my bike ride, and watered the plants, she invited me up to her room for a tea party. […]

Living different lives

We live the happy life. When things are good. Sorrow is more of an idea than a reality we can remember. We live the serious life. When the world is full of reality, not ideas or mere memories. We live the single life. When it’s just you and your thoughts and your judgements and grace. […]