Time is a river

Time is a river that never stops flowing. It carries us all onward to wherever we’re headed. While we all share in this river, we travel to different destinations. And every one of us arrives, every time. Therefore the question isn’t will we arrive. The question we should be asking is where is this river […]

I hear a herd ahead

I think I hear a herd ahead. Indeed I definitely do. Though I could feel it long before I could ever hear it. The trembling of the earth that comes before. Like thunder is to lighting. And it felt so far off. Now it’s close enough to see. You can watch as it approaches. Like […]

Finding out for ourselves

There’s a story about a man and a woman who live in a garden. They’re placed in this garden by their maker who tells them they can eat from any tree. But not that one over there. That one’s off limits. Unless you want to die. At first they’re okay with the prohibition. Until they meet […]

Carrying soup on a rainy day

The forecast is calling for rain on and off today. So I stop at the car on my way out of the office to grab my umbrella. I’m going to walk a couple of blocks for soup. I make it all the way to the restaurant without having to open it. I head straight to […]

Sitting by the middle school pool

Adeline loves to swim. A couple years ago she declared that she was going to join the swim team. She was 7. So we informed her she’d need to qualify. Which meant joining a swim program that offered a team and the lessons she’d need along the way. After the first session (a few months […]

The perfect idea

  An idea can be perfect in your mind. But it will never be perfect when incarnated in the world. It can’t be. But if we expect it to be then we will always be chasing something that can never be caught. Because the laws of nature don’t apply in your imagination. So anything could […]

12 extra carnival ride tickets

I’m standing in what I believe to be the line for the tickets at the entrance of the firemen’s Labor Day fair. It’s a bit cattywampus, I’ll admit. It’s hard to tell exactly who’s in line and who’s loitering. I’m not saying that I was rewarded because I was there. But, because I was there, […]

As old as the universe

You and I are made of atoms. On this we can agree. Everything in the universe as we understand it is made of atoms. The same stuff is in everything. It’s just arranged differently. (<— That’s a massive oversimplification to explain away details I don’t fully understand but believe don’t matter for the larger point […]

May all your favorite bands stay together

Music makes me happy. Even when it makes me sad. Because music points to feelings that are worth feeling and things that are worth thinking about. Music connects your present, when you listen today, to your past, when you first heard that song or a period of time. The music becomes a shortcut to memories. […]