To be many things

Throughout my life I have wanted to be many things. I thought I’d be a dentist when I was growing up. Someone suggested it I think because I liked pulling my own teeth. Turns out my son has the same talent. But I didn’t become a dentist. Flossing regularly has been a challenge in itself. […]

Snow plow snow piles

I remember it snowing a lot when I was a kid. We’d get feet of snow sometimes. The plows would come through and clear the parking lot of St. James Lutheran Church. I lived across the street. Next to my Grandma Marge who both attended and cleaned the church that was attached to the parking […]

Maybe I’m just a liar

I lied to someone the other day. Thankfully I was wearing fire retardant slacks. They asked me if I had seen their email. I had. Though I hadn’t read it yet. It was no more than a subject line in my inbox. It’s a stupid thing to lie about, isn’t it? I could have said […]

True mountains

Studying together for the geography bee that he tried to avoid. (He’s enjoying it now of course.) Trying to be okay with her novice cartwheels in the family room. (She’s still working on sticking the landing.) The curdling scream of a brother scared by his sister. (His voice will get deeper someday.) A loaned teddy bear […]

Beautiful moments

When was the last time you were in the woods when it snowed. Or saw the sky from underneath a low branch. Was it like waves hitting the shore. Or your child coming close. Was it a hot shower. Or drinking away thirst. These beautiful moments. They surround us. Even when we don’t notice them. […]

Tree farms and trunks

Before Meredith and I had children we had each other. And as young couples do we made a big deal out of a great many things. Like getting a Christmas tree. Early in our marriage we decided to take a ride out to a place out on the edge of town. I don’t remember the […]

And it will be

When men march to war they stand in straight lines. With their shirts tucked in to their pants. And their shoes on properly. They swing their arms at the same time. And some of them ride horses. It’s a big deal and everybody comes out to see. The bystanders clap their hands and wave handkerchiefs. […]

Little room for love

When we leave little room for love we should expect very little peace. When we clear the path for fear. When we give judgement a wide birth. When we critique and defend and insulate. Then we long for a world that’s not determined by hatred. Then we need to shift our gaze from the other to ourselves. We might […]

Supernatural, even

What if we always felt good? If we didn’t judge or jury? If we didn’t feel let down? If we didn’t recognize shame? If we never knew guilt? If we were always in good company? And never curious if we mattered? Or, if we’d fall out of fashion? What things could we do if we […]