When you really have to pee…

When you really have to pee… When that exam/presentation/appointment is just around the corner… When the headache is at its peak… When you’re so thirsty or hungry… When that bill you can’t pay is due… When the traffic is gridlocked… When that hard conversation is about to kick off… When anything looms and you’re not […]

Reasons I write

There are things that I don’t understand. I like to “talk things out.” Because I said I would. On occasion, to get paid. To look back down the road and remember. So my ancestors can know me in a way. I’ve been told it matters to people. I mostly enjoy it. I seem to be […]

Seeing it through

When you make a commitment you usually don’t think too hard about the times you won’t want to fulfill the commitment. But it’s in the moments when you don’t want to fulfill that the commitment becomes real. This is your proof that it matters. And only because you see it through. So see it through.

Behind the scenes in bourbon country

I’m not intending to do anything unsavory. I’m just going to poke my head in to see the barrels. I’ve got time to kill before the tasting. The rest of the group is still in the gift shop. I’m walking back from dropping some goods off at the car and I see the door to […]

What I’ve learned in the past 14,600 days

What I’ve learned in the past 14,600 days, in no particular order… I’ve learned that being completely alone seems to be the worst thing. I’ve learned that being a parent teaches you new levels of love. I’ve learned there are some things you can’t explain, like love. I’ve learned that people take baseball quite seriously. I’ve […]

I saw a man sitting on a bench

I saw a man sitting on a bench today. I was walking in to a lunch spot I frequent. The place where I get the quarts of chicken and rice soup. The same soup that I once spilled in the rain when the brown paper bag gave out on my way back to the office. […]

Time is a river

Time is a river that never stops flowing. It carries us all onward to wherever we’re headed. While we all share in this river, we travel to different destinations. And every one of us arrives, every time. Therefore the question isn’t will we arrive. The question we should be asking is where is this river […]

I hear a herd ahead

I think I hear a herd ahead. Indeed I definitely do. Though I could feel it long before I could ever hear it. The trembling of the earth that comes before. Like thunder is to lighting. And it felt so far off. Now it’s close enough to see. You can watch as it approaches. Like […]

Finding out for ourselves

There’s a story about a man and a woman who live in a garden. They’re placed in this garden by their maker who tells them they can eat from any tree. But not that one over there. That one’s off limits. Unless you want to die. At first they’re okay with the prohibition. Until they meet […]