Love exists

Us in Needlepoint

Meredith. That’s my wife. We have two children. A daughter, Adeline. A son, William. He’s 10. She’s 8. Wrigley is the dog I never thought we’d have. He’s 2. We live in a house on a street in a neighborhood and we are glad to be who we are. We wanted to get married on […]

For some

Why do we expect the world to bend to our will? As if having the thought were enough! But no one advances without great effort. Or without having paid for it dearly. For it is with strenuous action and double resolve That we gain any ground at all. For some this is life. For the […]

A guided tour down memory lane

Friday was Meredith’s grandmother’s 85th birthday. We celebrated by having a small gathering at our house. Well, mostly in our driveway. It was a gorgeous evening and the folding chairs fit right in. The kids challenged the adults to some basketball shooting competitions before dinner. Wrigley circled us as we ate a classic birthday cuisine […]

The virtue of voicemail

I’m sitting in traffic. Not real traffic. Buffalo, NY traffic, just east of the international airport. Look, there’s a strip club. The secrets boutique is now open. There’s a woman driving a mini-van in the lane to my left. I am moving while she is not. As I pass I hear that she’s making a […]

Do the hard thing


William pitched his first inning yesterday. He did great. Though that’s not how he saw it at the time. The Nationals scored 5 runs with William on the mound. Though they scored them due to fielding errors. So there weren’t any earned runs. Which is good for a first timer. I was most impressed by […]

Hard to explain

Where do memories go when we aren’t thinking about them? We’ve all had it happen. We remember something from 30 years ago. Something we haven’t thought about since that moment. Where has that been this entire time? This is crazy to me. How memory works. That we even remember anything at all is remarkable. Perhaps […]

A little peace

When you’re thirsty there’s nothing like water. When you’re tired there’s nothing like a bed. When you’re cutting the grass there’s nothing like a beer. When you’re looking for relief there’s nothing like finding it. When you’re able to find it that is. Some days it seems nonexistent. Some days it’s right within reach. Only to […]

While we do what we do

Scattered throughout my yard are rocks. They’ve been collected by previous owners, I assume, and gathered into small piles. Many were positioned previously for landscaping purposes but were covered by time under leaves and foliage. A couple of summers back I decided I was going to line the edge of the flower beds in the […]

Being wrung out


Some days feel like I’ve just been wrung out. Like every inch of rope has been used. Like every log on the woodpile has been burned. Then I realize that I’m not even acquainted with true suffering. No, I’ve seen it. I’ve even gotten close to it. But I’ve really only observed it. (Which makes […]