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What a weekend.

Scoot out of town to rendezvous with your wife’s brother’s family at their cousin’s family’s homestead about an hour northwest of the city of liberty, brotherly love, the stairs that Rocky Balboa climbed, and the cheesesteak that he would have eaten had he indeed been a person. (Though his presence is felt in a way that feels very real. Which is weird because we’re talking about a character Sylvester Stallone created and portrayed. The mind is a weird place though.)

We found parking easier than I thought we would. Not at their home. Plenty of parking there. Downtown Philadelphia on a Saturday morning.

We walked past what appeared to be a publicly staged political speech for purposes of a political campaign TV advertisement. There was all kinds of lighting gear. Too much for an impromptu soap box climb. Everyone was dressed really well, too. Because intelligent voters are also the best dressed. But you know this.

We put some hours on some 4-wheelers. And a scooter that goes way faster than a scooter should probably go.

We rollerskated in the middle of the day. And blew some tokens at the batting cages.

We steamed the lobsters my brother-in-law hauled in from southern Maine, caught fresh that morning. We also ate them.

We lit the fuses on an armory of fireworks courtesy of our host. He knows his entertainment explosives.

We had some excellent Mexican food. And a lot of gourmet coffee.

In surveying this list, I do realize it seems a bit on the indulgent side. So I shouldn’t mention that I bought 2 pairs of identical slippers because they were 1) On sale at 50% off 2) My favorite pair of slippers that we didn’t think were being made anymore 3) With multiple size 10s available which never happens. Meredith gets the credit for the find.

We did some other things during our extended weekend road trip. Like sit out on the porch in the evening while it rained with the infinite symphony of frogs peeping like you’ve never heard. But I’m saving that stuff for those of us that were there.


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