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The sun rises. The sun sets.

Both are beautiful but for different reasons.

In the morning the sun is the wind at your back. In the evening it’s always just around the corner. A sunrise kind of just happens. But so does a sunset. And it all depends on where you’re standing. For both how it looks and whether you think its rising or setting.

A relationship. An opinion. A memory.

A new view. An equalizer. An opportunity.

Different things can mean different things. Sometimes you can even have a hand in shaping what those different things mean. They can even mean something positive if you want them to. But it’s easier to think they mean something threatening to your status quo. So we fear it.

Like some fear the sunrise. And others the sunset.

If you’ve been up all night and that wasn’t the plan. If you find yourself nearing the end of something you wish would last forever. Sometimes you don’t get a choice of where it is you’re standing.

Still the sun rises. Still the sun sets.

Both are still beautiful but for different reasons.

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