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IMG_0675That time you showed me kindness.

That time you shouldered my burden.

That time you looked out for me and I didn’t even know.

That time you did me a favor and I forgot to say, “Thank you.”

That time I misspoke but you chose not to correct me.

That time you were brave enough to let me learn it for myself.

That time you shared your pain so I wouldn’t feel alone.

That time you sought forgiveness.

That time you forgave me.

That time you bit your tongue.

That time I can’t remember.

That time I forgot mine and you gave me some of yours.

That time I didn’t know what I was asking for.

That time you knew I could do it.

That time you wouldn’t let me quit.

That time will come around again.

That time, like these, will also need a friend.


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