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eggs-3216877_1920My wife thinks she’s soooo funny. I suppose anyone can appear funny when they’re tricking children. If you find deceiving children amusing, that is. Which, apparently, Meredith does. Especially on Easter, the perfect occasion to dash their little hopes. You may be wondering how it’s done.

Step 1: Fill their Easter baskets with cleaning supplies.

Step 2: Put a box of donuts out but fill it with vegetables instead.

Step 3: Initiate an egg hunt in your front yard. Put zero eggs out.

Step 4: Send them back inside for the real hunt. Put brussels sprouts in the eggs.

Step 5: Laugh and laugh and laugh…

This is what happens when April Fool’s Day meets Easter meets Meredith. The kids love it. Adeline pretends like she doesn’t but she’s just honing her acting chops. I pretend like I care too much about the kids to play with their fragile emotions. I secretly love it, too. Meredith says this is the kind of stuff they’ll remember when they’re older. She’s right about this one. William even got in on it. I opened my laptop this morning to find fake ketchup “spilled” on the keys.

I should mention that tucked in between the cleaning supplies was a note from the Easter Bunny instructing them to check the trunk of Mommy’s car. There they found two more baskets filled with bonafide goods. This makes Meredith a good egg after all. Regardless of what she’s filled with.


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