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My daughter says I’m particular about lighting. She says it’s because I’m a photographer. That definitely has something to do with it. Though photography is more of a hobby these days, Adeline’s right about the lighting thing. There’s a lighting arrangement for every mood. Which is typically low key for me, when I have a say. So I’m often found adjusting lights throughout the house. We affectionately refer to it as “fixing the lights.”

My favorite kind of light is the real kind. So that’s sunlight. And moonlight. Which is actually sunlight. The moon is just the middle man. Though I’m not sure of the moon’s gender. Allegedly there’s a man in there. Perhaps he’s the one who’s been tugging on the oceans all this time.

Natural light, am I right?

That direct light is nice. I like it best when it’s warming my skin.

But that indirect light, don’t get me started. It’s like oxygen to me. If it were weather, it would be a sunny 72 degrees, with a slight breeze, while standing about 6 feet under an awning. When it pours over an object, it perfects it, effortlessly. I don’t really know why. But it calls to me.

When the light is right, the world is right.

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