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tiger-2530158_1280When you drive 5 miles in 50 minutes down a main drag in a snowstorm.

When your dog chews all of your favorite first floor pillows.

When the heat in your office mails it in past noon, every day.

When you lose a deduction on your taxes.

When the awning above your favorite drive thru gets peeled off by a box truck. (And rain drips into your open window while you pay for your double tall whole milk latte.)

When there’s a five dollar hidden fee in your cable tv/internet bundle.

When they don’t do the exact thing you requested the exact way you requested it.

When you get a flu shot and you get the flu anyway.

When you have to switch your primary care physician, whom you never go to see, because they’re out-of-network for your new insurance carrier.

When the folks who keep your office clean use the wrong mophead and leave streaks.

When they don’t Reply All even though you’ve reminded them multiple times to please do so.

When you realize the opportunity to complain is all around you but you choose to save your energy for things that matter instead.


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