Ahead of ourselves

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Sometimes people are going to cut you off. It’s what happens on our bustling byways. It’s frustrating in the moment. They just cut in. Like you don’t have a say in the matter. You wonder what their hurry is. And why they couldn’t get in line like the rest of us. Here’s what I think is […]

Towels that won’t dry

  How is it that we have so many versions of towels that do everything except absorb liquid? Fancy cloth napkins. Paper towels made out of recycled paper. Decorative dish towels. Body towels in hotel rooms. There’s nothing more award winning than when you need to dry something off and the towel just pushes the […]

No way to live

Welcome to Las Vegas

I was still asleep in Colorado when the group text hit my phone. It was Uncle Craig letting us know that his son, also Craig, and his nephew Max were okay. They’re law enforcement in Las Vegas. Craig with ICE. Max with the LVMPD. They responded to the mass shooting on Sunday, October 1st. I […]

Thinking about dying


How often do you think about your own death? Everybody is going to die someday. Most likely not on the same day. But everyone will at some point die. You think about it sometimes, don’t you? I sure do. Not like it’s a hobby. Though my mind does wander and I wonder what it will […]

There’s the person


There’s the person you are. There’s the person you wish to be. There’s the person you think you are. There’s the person others think you are. There’s the person you think others think you should be. There’s the person your mother sees. There’s the person your lover sees. There’s the person your child sees. There’s […]


Water Ski Eye

I spent my share of time in the emergency room growing up. Respiratory illness. Ice skating accident. Twice. Finger in bicycle spokes. Concussion from a kick to the head while blocking for Andy DePlato during a neighborhood football game. Internal bleeding in my right eye after after absorbing a baseball with my face during warmups. These […]

The last run


This week’s post comes to us courtesy of Baxter Swenson.  Thanks, Baxter. ~~~ You’re gonna have a lot of lasts in your life.  The last day of school, the last dance at a party, the last run of the season. They say you should not take your last run.  That’s when injuries happen you know? […]

If I knew better


If I knew better I would do things differently. We all would. But I don’t. Know better, that is. I only know what I know so I do what I do. Most of the time with good intentions. But that’s not totally true. Sometimes I know and I ignore what I know in favor of […]



Some are possessed by their possessions. They desire objects and opportunities. The drive to attain things and status influences the way they think and behave. I know what this feels like. I’ve been possessed in this way. Collect the symbols. Show yourself and others that you’re worthy, that you know how to play the game. […]